What To Expect When You Move To The Country

I remember the day we moved to our country home, December 16, 1998. As soon as we had unloaded the last of the moving truck, it started to snow. It was beautiful and very peaceful and very quiet, compared to what we were used to. Stress-Free Environment I would say that is the biggest difference […]

Professional House Cleaning Secrets

Cleaning 101 First of all, I want to talk about how many cleaning products are under your sinks? And I say sinks, because I am well aware that most homes have lots of different cleaning products under each sink in the home. Honestly,  you don’t need all that stuff, and I’m going to make this […]

How To Declutter Your Closets

Declutter Without Guilt!! So, picture this: You open up your closet and it is stuffed full of items that you probably haven’t worn in years. Surprise!! You don’t even notice it anymore, and the functionality of your closet has gone down the tube. There are ways of getting rid of your old stuff, that won’t […]

Caledon East, Ontario

Caledon East, Ontario Caledon East is located on Airport Road, roughly 10 – 12 minutes North of Brampton’s Mayfield Road boundary. In 1957 Caledon East officially became a village, but this was not the beginning of this area. The original inhabitants arrived on the scene, during the 1820’s. This area has had a colourful history, […]

Belfountain, Ontario

Belfountain, Ontario Welcome to the quaint and friendly Hamlet of Belfountain, Ontario. Located at the end of the Forks of the Credit Road, is a great destination for a weekend drive (Apparently a lot of people feel this way. Weekends can be a very busy day for the Forks of the Credit Road, and the […]