Mono Mills, Ontario

Mono Mills, Ontario

Mono Mills OntarioAbout Mono Mills…

Welcome to the community of Mono Mills. Located at Airport Road and Hwy 9. Because of it’s location, Mono Mills isn’t an area that people think about too much when they’re thinking about moving to Caledon. Most people are thinking about the other communities, like Caledon Village, Caledon East, or Belfountain…to name just a few. Many other websites (real estate or otherwise) don’t even mention Mono Mills, Ontario, when speaking about communities within Caledon Township.

I believe that Mono Mills is one of Caledon’s best kept secrets!

Here’s why….because of where Mono Mills is situated, people don’t think about it. As a result, one can buy a home here for a reasonable price. Even though, it’s only a 10 – 12 minute drive to all the things that you need. Such as grocery stores, regular shopping, hospital, schools, gas, banks, etc. The 2 main areas you would travel to for amenities, would be Orangeville (10 minutes West along Hwy 9) or Caledon East (10 – 12 minutes South on Airport Road). My preference would be Orangeville, as there’s everything there (just not a Costco).

So, if you’re contemplating a move to Caledon, have a close look at Mono Mills. It may be exactly what you’re looking for!

Trillium United Church Mono Mills

What’s in Mono Mills…

This little community consists of just over 200 houses, a small plaza (includes a small restaurant), and the Trillium United Church (formerly the Mono Mills United Church). Nearby is a super busy Tim Hortons, a couple gas stations and the Victoria Park Community Centre & Parks.

At the time of writing, there’s a rumour that a convenience store may be opening up in the little plaza (at Airport Rd & Calmon Dr. See the map below). This would be very handy for everyday staples that you may run out of occasionally. We’ll update this as things progress.

Located on Airport Road, is the Running Fox. This is an Equestrian business, catering to fine English tack and apparel. This makes sense, given the abundance of horse farms in Caledon, not to mention the Caledon Equestrian Park in Palgrave.

A couple minutes South, is Glen Haffy Conservation Area, where you can swim, fish, picnic and hike!

Map Of Mono Mills


While not every buyer needs to consider schools when making a house buying decision, there are many that do. If you’re planning a move to anywhere in Caledon, you have to accept that 95% of the time your child will be bused in to school.

There are many schools in Caledon, but the Township is so vast, that the schools get thinned out pretty fast, geographically. So, head on over to our Caledon Schools page, where you will be guided along, right down to the exact school/s you will need, based on your home address.


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