Professional House Cleaning Secrets

Professional House Cleaning Secrets

messy sink cabinetCleaning 101

First of all, I want to talk about how many cleaning products are under your sinks? And I say sinks, because I am well aware that most homes have lots of different cleaning products under each sink in the home. Honestly,  you don’t need all that stuff, and I’m going to make this very simple and give you a list of what you do need.

White Vinegar

I no longer use Windex, at all. I discovered that straight, white vinegar works best, period. It is a lot cheaper and does not streak in the sun. The most important part to cleaning windows and mirrors, is to use a clean cloth that has no fabric softener from being washed and rinsed in the rinse cycle of the washing machine!! Fabric softener on your cleaning cloths will streak everything you try to clean.

Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner

You will require a scrubby pad, and I use a liquid toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. This does a wonderful job on bathrooms, and anything that needs to be scrubbed in the kitchen. When I clean a bathroom, I squirt a letter “S” on my scrubby pad,  and then clean the emptied counter and sink first. Then I scrub down the bath tub, shower, and finally the toilet. Then I rinse and dry everything top to bottom. The “S” on the scrubby pad can be repeated as needed, obviously. Using the “S” shape on your scrubby pad is far more efficient, than squirting it directly on what you ‘re cleaning.


Finally the last cleaning product that I use is Pine sol. I use it for wiping down my kitchen and cleaning floors, again a clean mop is a must, and so is clean water. If either is dirty, change them! While we are here, we are going to talk about mops. I love the J- Cloth strip mops because I can wash them. You must wring the mop out fairly dry, and then use a figure-8 motion to mop your floors. Let it dry and have a look at how shiny your floor is., and easy to touch up, if you have to.

filter queenFilter Queen

The last thing to consider is your vacuum. I am partial to Central Vacs, or Filter Queen vacuum cleaners, because they can hold up to 40 pounds of dirt. These Filter Queens are simple, and easy to troubleshoot and repair. In fact mine has never let me down in the past 20 years!! Go check out a vacuum store and see how many uprights are waiting to be fixed! Just remember to bend down and check what is under the bed or couch. It will save you from clogging your hose with that lost sock!!

Armed with these cleaning secrets, you can now clean any home with ease and confidence. Your home will be that much easier to selll!

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